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I knew but it still hurts

We all knew that my husbands grandfather was old and near his time. He even told us so himself, daily it seemed this week, and said he was ready to die. 97 years old that man and he was still tough as nails and independent. He passed away tonight, which is why I'm still up. I don't think I'll be around for a couple of days. 

Debbie, couldn't get around to wishing you a happy birthday earlier. Hope it was a great one.



 Has it really been that long since I update?  

So my son is a true anime-holic nerd at age four. He has recently discovered Gundam Wing and is in love with Heero's Gundam. I never knew he paid so much attention to it until recently when on a car trip, with Avenged Sevenfold in the CD player, he said, "Mom that music sounds just like the one on Gundam Wing!" he was terribly excited by his discovery that I just nodded and went along with it. But when I started the song over and actually listened to the electric guitar solo it DOES sound like pieces of Gundam Wing. *hugs her baby* I'm so proud of his musical intelligence!! 

Epidsode 9 of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei was released this week in subs so I'm super thrilled! Can't wait to watch it. :)

WTF? I thought I was smexin for Urahara?


Oh wells, I'll take Ichigo.....although the most frightening thing out of this whole quiz was that I was giving answers that described my husband -_-;;

And a question, why the hell wasn't Kaien or Hichi on here? I would have loved to see the results for that one :)


Annoyed with life at the moment.

Okay so day started off bad when my football team did bad...but then stupid Azerial (laptop) wouldn't come on and after many a tries from more technofriendly people, I have two choices. Reload XP and hope it saves my stuff or do a complete restoration and lose all my files. I wouldn't really be this torn up about it if I didn't have a ton of 'plot bunny' chapters, and stories all written up. And to make it worse I had a bunch of links on there that I will lose :(

Someone just bite me.

Apparently I like who I am and want to be with someone like myself... my I'm conceited.


Which Tarot Card are you?

XD I'm so flattered <3


20 Truths

20 Truths about Yoruichi and Urahara
Warnings: Mild language? Possible spoilers? Heck I don’t know.
Disclaimer: These two do not belong to me : ) And I get nothing for writing about them.

Weekends suck sometimes

Wow tax free weekend MUST be a freakin conspiracy by the government. I swear I have never seen so many people getting out of their house to buy clothes -_-;; I have never felt so bad for chashiers in the stores.

And tell me if I'm asking too much from people but if you write ONESHOT on a story BEFORE the story begins can people not write in reviews 'OMG I can't wait to read the rest! Please update soon!' 

It's a oneshot....meaning one time kinda thing... *woes*



Written because  syneiamasked how we wanted for Ichigo and Rukia to unite and I chose this route. Why? Not because I love angst but because I want to torture Ichigo a little.

Title: Reunion
Spoilers: For current manga developments
Pairing: IchixRuki of course
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters or anything that has to do with Bleach.
AN: Ignore the grammar please XD I will edit it when I get some more time I swear!